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What is Business Life

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About Avacs Live Chat



About Avacs Live Chat

Chat that is always with you!Each of us has tried at least once to enter chat rooms through Internet-browser on PC, WAP-browser on mobile phone, used ICQ, MSN or the like programmes. Some people use such services to get acquainted, other are looking for easy communication, the third – to correspond with business partners. Computer chats and programs have a plenty of functions, but they attach people to PCs, and the abilities of WAP-chats are rather limited.In new network product "AVACS Live Chat" for mobile phones supporting JAVA applications, company "AVACS"(www.avacs.net) has realized popular functions and added a number of up-to-date abilities, directed to mobile phones. Among the main abilities of "AVACS Live Chat" are: * ability to communicate in different rooms depending on user interests; * creating of the common rooms available to all users as well as private ones, dedicated for intimate communication; * exchange of personal messages outside the rooms; * filling in the questionnaire and looking through the questionnaires of other users; * using photos in questionnaires that became possible thanks to the widespread use of camera phones. For the users who does not have camera in their mobile phones the developers have foreseen the download of photos from the file on the mobile phone, through the WEB-site (http://www.avacs.net/livechat/) in the Internet or by E-mail; * advanced search by questionnaire data; * exchange of files, photos, music and melodies; * the displaying of graphic files and photos on the mobile phone is fulfilled with the prior processing on the server, that allows to choose the appropriate size and format of the image for this very mobile phone model; * sending E-mails and SMS messages to the addresses/numbers indicated in questionnaires; * creation of contact list (address book); * using of animated similes and avatars; * changing of message colours and the chat background; * ability to enter chat from different mobile phones under your login and password. "AVACS Live Chat" has also minor, but handy functions such as automatic country identification, room filters, message to administrator, history of personal messages etc.From the technical point of view the application is realized as a 3-level client-to-server system, where the data base, logics and intermediate processing are located on the server. After "AVACS Business Life" this is the second application where the user-friendly window interface is used. The use of such technology enabled the developer to lessen the size of the Jar-file being installed on a mobile phone while providing a plenty of functional and graphic abilities, on the one hand, and made it possible to alter or to add new abilities to the application without changing the client part, on the other.


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Persian Help For Iranian Users

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Download And Open AVACS Live Chat 2.1.0

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Colors of private messages in AVACS Live Chat

Colors of private messages in AVACS Live Chat

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In AVACS Live Chat About key 6

 In AVACS Live Chat .About key 6 ; private message: to send private

message to your friend ; add to contact book: to add your friend nick

name in Contact book ; send photo from camera: to send private

photo for your friend ; send file: to send private file for your friend ;

information: to see more about your friend ; view photo: to see your

friend photo if your friend change photo ; Rating: to see your or your

friend messages rating ; Status: to see your friend online or offline if

your friend nick name found in room ; set "Read only": to kick bad

users from that room ; about room: to see room name, rating ,

languge , creator, owner and more ; message to chat: to send

message to chat ; *link to chat: to send photo or file from phone or

to insert histor in chat ; add to chat's newsline: for write anything in

newsline. About this and more click key 4 in chat and chek Purse and services

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Chat rooms

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In AVACS Live Chat About key 4

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AVACS Live Chat is kind of messanger like Nimbuzz,mig33,qeep, But it has some things important that make this better than other for example: it is cheap than nimbuzz .and it is usefull and have fun with great smileys .so i like to introduce AVACS and learn you how to use it.you will enjoy it good luck!
Avacs beta version has socket coonection.socket conection is kind of connection which is so fast and you will enjoy when you arechating with your friends.also it has turbo mode which make your network speed faster in chat.for turn off or on it press * button/setting/turbo.you can turn it on or off.also you can change your coonection type there which if you have problem in chat youcan use old one connection"http".you can download beta version from www.avacschat.com
When you download or install Avacs in your phone first you have need Internet Connection " GPRS".when you conected there will bea windows which need your nick and password if you are new you can type nick and password you want after log in press yes i m new and then you recieve message about your profile.enjoy Avacs! 

Profile is informations about you so you can put some of your informations.for do that you have to go this way:press 4 key/Questionnaire.you will see a windows which you can put your informations there first part is Nick.you can change your nick name" but becarefull if you log out yoou have to type your new nick to come"next part is your Password next part is sex,which means you can select your sex.if you are male you select male and if you are femaile you select femail. next part is Photo where you can upload your profile picture"for more uploads you have to upload your pics in avacs gallery"whenyou press Photo,you will see a new windows.first part of that is make photo which you can take picture using your camera. second part is add from file,which you can upload it from your mobile memory or your memory card next part is using browser which you can visit site that its tell you and upload your pic and last part is By e-mail which you need to send it via e-mail.this windows explanation finished and we going back to Quetionnaire:: next part is E-mail which you have to type your e-mail"no body can see it"it will helps you when you forgot your password it will be send to your e-mail. next part is avatar which you can select kind of pics next your nick when you are chatting. next part is invited which you put your inviter nick there if you want. netx part is country which you have select your country you live. next part is Operator which you select what is your mobile operator"so if avacs support it ,you can use sms servic there". next part is City which you have type your city you live. and the last part is personal ,where you can type more information like :first name,last name,birthday and about your self

In chat menu you can to things like:see room informations,if you get crown set read only or turn off or on anti flood,send pic or files to chat room and ... so this is my pleasure to explain first you see the private message,when your pointer is on user when you press 6 and private message you can send message to thatuser or 7 next buttons " ADD TO CONTACT BOOK,SEND PHOTO FROM CAMERA, SEND FILE,INFORMATION,VIEW PHOTO,RATING,STATUS" is like private message works. 2 parts after these parts " set read onlyand turn on antiflood on or off" visible and works ,when you have crown in that room.after these partsyou see about room which you can see in read only mode users,modarators,votes during 48 hourses and who is in room " the easiest way is that press 6 and press who is in room" the next part is link to chat which let you add photo from your camera or from your phone or let you make
lets you tell what you want but it takes to much carecters so you can use this part.

In english PURSE means kinds of bag which mans put their money there and carry with it.but in AVACS purse is money you got.maybeyou asking how we can get money in AVACS?your answer is that ask your merchants.they will sell you purse.but there another question comes that:how we can use our purse?your answer is first for access your purse press 4/purse and servic.there is your purse and usage of your purse.first of all you can see there how much you have purse.second it's a little explanation of purse after that it shows you merchants list.you can find your merchant there.then it is 10sents newsline which it's show on the top ofyour scrren in blue colour and it's shown just one time. the next part is newsline/advertise with 140 cents,which you can see it on the top of your screen with yellow colour and it be shown for 12 hourse and in one hour just one time. next part is bonosolizer,which is kind of purse games that you can win more purse.i will tell you how you can play it in next parts. next part is Roulette,which is another purse game"will be explan in next parts". next pat is Vote for room,which you can vote your room.1 vote for rooms costs 15 Cents.if you vote your room,your room will be goes top. and the another part is Me is super Modarator,which you can vote your self/for any body to become SM ."i Will give you more informations in next parts". and the last part is statics,which you can see:Smpretenders,Bonusolizator fund and Bonusolizator,last hour.

There is 2 setting one of them is from press 4 key and setting and one of then is from press * key and setting.first i want to explain setting from 4 key.you can change format of images which you want to see in avacs and size of images and you can change your font color in there and the important thing is that you can logging off from there"but this is when you want change nick no offline". and the second setting from press * key let you do:turn off or on sound and change your font typing and let you choose application language and let you turn off or on Avacs server.

In this part you can do something else like: control your ignore list,see you contact book,incoming message,out coming message,incoming files,invitation to rooms,and important messages first i want to explain about all parts i said: first who is online where you can see who is online the next part About commiunity is show you how many people male or female is online and how many new users come in avacs next part is Invite friend which you can send E-mail to friends to come in avacs live chat. the next part is Contact book where you can find your friends you add there before and send private message or something else. next part is ignor list where shows you how many people you ignored.
Messages shows your messages sent or recieved. next part of incoming file is where your recieved files saved and you can open it easily. next part Invitation to rooms shows you where you invited and you can go that room from this list. and the last part is important messages which shows administrartor messages." but not messages which is your answer from administrator".

Administrartor is owner of avacs company,who has full power in avacs.his pvit color is gold and you can pvit him with this way press 4 key then go to help then message to admin.after you go there there is some kinds of subject to pv to admin. EMAIL victor@avacs.net

Chat rooms are place that people chat there and talk each other.in avacs we have 3 kinds of rooms.1.country rooms 2.public rooms3.private rooms.for access public rooms press 4 key/chatrooms/public chatrooms if you want see private rooms press 4key/chat roooms/private rooms.
country rooms are rooms which contains to some country and can't make by user them selves.they have ask administrator for make this kind of rooms.for access your country room press 4 key/chat rooms/By counttry and communities.after that find your room country.
owner of room has power in his/her own room like add or delete moderators,set read only users,and can change owner of room.but if he/she change the owner that user will lost his power.also owner can renamehis/her room "not country rooms" by press 4/chat rooms/where i am owner/press more on that room want be rename/rename

If you are owner and you want to add moderator "give crown to some body" you have to do this.if you are corently in your room press 6 key/about room/more/add modarator.but if you are in another room prees 4 key/chat rooms/where i am owner/move pointer to that room/menu/Info about room/more/add moderator.
When you want delete moderator of your room you have to do this:if you are corently in your room press 6 key/about room/more/list of moderators/move pointer on thet users you want to be delete/delete/yes. but if you are in another room prees 4 key/chat rooms/where i am owner/move pointer to that room/menu/Info about room/more/modarator lists/move pointer on thetusers you want to be delete/delete/yes.
If you want make public room you have to do thisresss 4 key/chat rooms/public rooms/menu/create public room.when you create ityou will automaticly move in your new room.

If you want private room you have to do press 4 key/chat rooms/private rooms/menu/create private room.when you create your room you will aoutomaticly move there.
Moderators of room had got crown from owner or Sm/hm.no body can't set them read only.their power is just set usre in read only mode.If moderator of room start Flooding,abusing in room,the owner can delete his/her crown and set in read only mode.

Super modarator who has crown in all rooms,can manage rooms like add modarators,delete modarators,set users as read only and also they can change owner of rooms which owner of there is offline for more than one month.they took their crown from administrator.but it's hard for get that!! their pvit color in old version is Blue and in new version will be light red.also theycrown shows in newslines to show users they are super modarators. their nick is in kind of list called "Super modarators List". for access there press 4 kye,help,supermodarators list.

these guys are like super modarators but thier nick are'nt in super modarators list but they have same power as super modarators.if you need important helps you can ask them but it's hard to find these users!!!
in new version all avacs programmers will be admin sm.admin sm is higher than hm and sm so they will have more respect.they are helping administrator to programming design Avacs Live Chat.
1.BONUSOLIZER: all bets placed here go to bonusolizatr game fund and accumulating during one hour.after this hour finished wining with 90% frombonusolizator fund recives only that user,who took second place by bet sum in bonusolizator for passed hour.if only one user takes part into game his stakes fully return to him.bets can be made from the purse only.for see the result of that press 4 key/purse and service/statistics/bonusilzator fun or if you want see the result of passed hour press 4/purse and servic/statistics/bonusolizator last hour. 2.
Roulette is another kind of game which is for your chance.when you get in to it you see 4 parts even,odd,dozen,and your number.this game is like cousino's games which you will win your purse or morethan it.
merchants are users who are selling purse to other users.you can easily contact merchants with this way:ress 4 key/purse and servic/merchants.you can find your country merchant and buy purses.also merchants are Sm or Hm.there is 2 kinds of merchants:1.Main merchants:who are buying purse from ADMIN.2.normal merchants:who are partner with main merchants.normal merchants are Sm and main merchants are hm.
If you have problem to log in with your sell phone or you don't have mobile,you can online with your pc.for pc chat please visit www.AVACSCHAT.com. also you can add galley there in
If you want download AVACS LIVE CHAT please visit the official site of AVACS Live Chat and don't enter your personnel data to un official site maybe you lost your ID OFFICIAL SITES ARE www.avacs.net. www.avacschat.com
: some users want grow up their rating so they try to keep repeat messages in room.in Avacs there is kind of antiflooder so it stopflooding in room when it is on.all modarators and owner can control antiflooder and turn it on or off.anti flooder will be on for 10 minutes so one of modarators have expend it for another 10 minutes.it works to nicks with rate les than 50.
New version of avacs will be ready after 2 months.it will fix all problems rom old version.beta version will ready for 2 weeks.this new version has new cool smilyes and arabic newsline will be right to left,sm and hm pvit will be red and merchants pvit color will be green and main merchants pvit will be dark green. in new version will have new purse games.in new version SM and HM sah red nwesline too. so new version will be cool!!
in this place you can upload your pics and show it to your friends.also people can give your pics some comments.if you like upload your pics you can visit: www.Gallery.avacschat.com .
: in old version you can check rating of that user.if it is high than 100000 it means that user has rating Chat long liver but if that rating is les than 100000 maybe that users is super modarator or hyper modarator. in new version sm and hm users has yellow pvit color and long liver users
has dark blue color. 
private mesages extended. Color depends on sex, rating and status
More about Pv-colors

some time when you got bad connection and you are chat in private messages.some times pv message does't show so you have to check you incoming messages from this way press 4 key/commuinty/incoming messages.
: Administrator sometimes ban bad users it means that user cant log in again in avacs with that ip or phone.so if you give administrator id number from user information so administrator can easily ban that user
in Sony ericson phones like k800i users who have taht kind of phone can use some codes behind his/her id to make it color.you can buy it with purse from merchants who has these codes.
*~For more and latest information about AVACS Live Chat contact me everytime in chat My nick is==>

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